20 April 2013

Flunk It!

Why do we feel that we have to succeed in everything that we do? Western society is geared to favour the driven and the successful. Coming second is the same as coming last. Well I don’t agree. You can choose to not compete. Or to be involved but not just for the hoped for outcome. This sounds like loser talk I know. But ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you it is better to fail than to do nothing. Some might even say that it is better to fail at first so you have the experience.
If at first you don’t succeed, try something else. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about success. Who really cares what others think about you? Most people are worrying about what people think of them more than they are thinking about whether or not you’re a success.
Anyhoo how do we measure success? The man with the VW looks at the man with the Porsche who, in turn, looks at the man in a Ferrari and so on. The man with the beat up old Nissan who doesn’t care is better off in many ways. Change the way you think of success and don’t look for the win in everything. Take the stress out of life. Relax, you’ll live longer. And that my friends is probably a greater success!
Fail and be happy.

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