22 April 2013

The more you put in

So, how was it for you? Monday that is. Mine was pretty good. I got up when I wanted, did a few hours work, talked to the neighbor took an hour over lunch and then stopped at 4.30.
Why am I telling you this? To make you jealous? Well, perhaps a tiny bit, but I do have a point to make. Otherwise I’d be wasting my time and yours.
Why do we work? Why do most people go to a job to earn their living? That’s two different questions.
The first is easier to answer. We work because it produces an income that we use to maintain our way of life (essentials, bills, mortgage/rent and so on). We swap time and abilities for money.
The second question is a little more difficult. There are a number of reasons why people choose to have a job. Here are a few, but you may think of more: convenience, the security of a regular income, status, camaraderie, work ethic, because that’s what you must do, the career path.
I want to break down what I think a job in essence is. It’s simple really. We swap our time for money. There are perks etc. to help make work easier to swallow but if you didn’t actually need money would you go to the office or place of employment for the perks or would you find something else to do instead? I would do the latter. But I need the money so what now?
A job doesn’t work for me so I needed to find something else. If that’s you then I suggest that you use your energy and intelligence to find an alternative way of generating the money you need so that you don’t have to go to work.
One of the beauties of not having a job is that the work you put in to whatever it is that you do makes a difference to the amount of money you get out, whereas in most jobs you are expected to put in more time than you would like for less money than you think your time is worth.
So to take an old adage:
The more you put in the more you get out. If you work for yourself it’s true.
But when you have a job it would say: the more you put in the same you get out.
I will leave you with this final thought. I don’t want to spend all of my time putting in and getting out, I like to have the luxury of free time, so I will re-write the adage thus: the right amount in, the right amount out.

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