4 May 2013

Take it easy ideas will turn up

Hello reader. Sorry, but I’m not going to write a big entry today. Instead I’m having a curry and watching Dr Who, possibly a new episode of The Simpsons and a few other things on the Sky Box.

It’s good not to let what you do take over and put pressure on you to do more. I say: do less. If you are going to be free, then be free. Don’t commit to too many things.

Also I want you to re-read (or read) yesterday’s entry and come up with an idea that will generate an income.

Oh, one more thing if/when you have an idea I’d be very glad if you put it in the comments section below. If you are struggling to have an idea, then perhaps you might want to put that as a comment. If that’s you then have a read of my first entry here.

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